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Talking about: 2010

Having few things to talk about, I count 2010 a year without time, maybe it has been marked on a calendar or maybe on my face and soul, but I’ll make sure slide this year upon my shoulder, making a space for a new year, hoping it will be more gentle on me…
2010 will be remembered as:

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The Good old Blogging days

It’s nice to find that –even if not by choice- everything is falling in place, and this is what happened! Starting from the little kid who loved reading Majed Magazine and Nabeel’s farouq Malaf el Mostaqbal, to that young person with his timid but successful attempts to write in a Youth Newspaper and to become a youth board member and a photographer, to that guy who blogs whatever he has in mind crushing all walls of shame, traditional habits and so on… (yaaay that’s me !!)

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Introducing: DedPosh!

Ymaseekom bel kheir,

few weeks ago, I posted about the mysterious graffiti draws, and after a little quest, I was able to contact Shahid AKA Dedposh, a member of the Road to hope international humanitarian convoy.

Well, and he was so nice he gave me a small interview, exclusive for Shajar el ba6a6a :D

So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to…

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Panoraming Gaza

Ymaseekom bel kheir,
It has been a while, speaking about my little project : Panoraming Gaza, and finally its time to post it for better or worse!
well, it’s nothing special, just trying to give Gaza another try, another look in a wide way, maybe It can be seen  differently…

There is a lot of other places to see, but frankly, but with the current paranoia and ignorance, made any effort difficult and mostly unsafe…
Hope it was worth the waiting…

So here it goes…

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The case of the mysterious graffiti

It has been like 4 days, when I noticed these drawing all around Gaza, the thing that triggered my attention the most, is the shape of that thing…
It looks like a sack of potato, a Bourgeois sack of potato!!
It has a foreign taste and massage, but I really want to know who draw them all over the walls of Gaza? I really would like to interview him/her!
So if you know, it really would help me, coz I really want to know!!

In a new update of the Mysterious Graffiti, and as you notice in the comments, it is called “Posh Monster” by: Picasso Flannigan, I sent a massage for Mr.Flannigan for a confirmation, this is near picture of the “Posh Monster” as I found on the web:

Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen, it was Confirmed by Mr.Picasso Flanagan that he is the “Posh Monster” artist, ending this little mystery, that till now is having my attention searching the walls of Gaza!!
A Small interview will be posted on Shajar el ba6a6a (As soon as I do it)
Ymaseekom bel kheir :D

Picasso Flannigan